I decided to share with you a few things:

My complete favicon collection NEW!
I learned PHP to be able to write this page. I am happy to say it came out visually attractive.

A few favicons from my collection whose original sites I don't know
I now have over 10,900 favicons in my collection, and would like to ask you to help me finding the sites of 11 favicons of unknown origin.

Names of the most common children diseases in five languages (Latin, English, Dutch, Russian and Hebrew)
Especially for mothers who moved abroad recently and do not yet speak the local language but have to get their children vaccinated.

Names of kosher fish species in five languages (Latin, English, Dutch, Russian and Hebrew)
To buy kosher fish at the markets of Jerusalem, New York, Amsterdam, Moscow and ancient Rome.

Names of vegetables, spices, fruits and berries in four languages (English, Dutch, Russian and Hebrew)
For all you need to know to make your kitchen serve what you intend it to.

Names of the most common Northern European tree and flower species in five languages (Latin, English, Dutch, Russian and Hebrew)
To buy your wife the flowers she likes most.

An introduction to the Hebrew letters
Here you'll see the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the "alef beis", rendered in artistic pictures.

The HTML character codes of the Russian, Hebrew and Armenian alphabets
Each letter with its HTML character code.

Thoughts and Feelings
I started my personal blog, to share my thoughts and feelings about certain issues with you.

Chiddushim NEW!!!
Some original Torah insights (chiddushim in Hebrew) I wrote over the years.
All chiddushim are in Hebrew and can be read on my blog or downloaded as Word files.

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