Israel can do five things with its High Court of Justice (Bagatz)

  1. Keep things as is. Since the High Court of Justice is perceived by large sections of Israeli society as being too political in nature, that solution would seem least desirable.
  2. Restrict its powers of constitutional review, and allow it no more than advisory role in constitutional matters (like in England). This would be the most drastic of these five possibilities.
  3. Move its capacity to exercise constitutional review to another, dedicated Constitutional Court (like in France, Germany, Russia et al.). This solutions would likely only move the problem from one institution to another.
  4. Enact a High Court of Justice Bypass Law, which would allow Parliament to re-enact a law ruled unconstitutional by the High Court of Justice with a sufficiently large majority (the size of that majority and the minimal amount of members of Parliament taking part in the vote to be determined).
  5. Influence the composition of the High Court of Justice by appointing such Justices as are known to restrict usage of constitutional review to rare cases. This could be accomplished by lowering the requirement for appointment to the Supreme Court from 7 to 5 out of the 9 members of the Judicial Selection Committee and slowly but surely replace the Justices over the years.